Can we live our Lives with Faith, Courage and Wisdom.

eagle flyingHow do we know if we are experiencing less of what life has to offer because of lack of Faith and Courage?

I know that the heart is emotional, the brain is erratic, and the ego if always coming from fear! However,if we connect to our Soul, we connect with a friend. One that can actually communicate with our higher self, our divinity and calm the frightened ego.

Let us now look at the signs that will let us know if fear is in the driver’s seat of our lives. Most of the time we don’t even know that fear is  at the wheel. We, in this culture tend to see Fear as a weakness. We disguise it as Stress. That seems to be the accepted term.  What would be helpful is to create a relationship with fear befriend it.  Ask your Soul to help you dialogue with, comfort and calm the frightened Ego. The two working together are a powerful healing tool.

Here are some of signs that fear is in charge.

1. If we are not absolutely perfect we  just don’t go there. Wherever our dreams would take us ; real intimacy, to be known, loved and accepted.

2. We say no, when we mean yes, and yes when we mean no.Yes when we fear disappointing others,instead of loving our self first. We say no when we are afraid of failing or succeeding .

3.Numbing ourselves with food, alcohol, drugs, sex, or busyness which will keep our inner pain numbed. This simply increases our feelings of low self esteem, and keeps us stuck in that fear place.

4.Procrastination and or becoming paralyzed is always a very effective way to avoid facing Fears head on. We stand on the side lines where it is safer.

5. We become Control Freaks and need to micromanage everything and everyone. We see the world as a hostile place and for us to survive we Must be in charge, grab the wheel with both hands and steer towards what we want at all cost.

6.Avoid speaking up. We don’t stand for what we believe, don’t let our voice be heard, don’t tell someone they have truly hurt us, and you don’t ask for what we want.

7.We get sick.Fear also triggers stress response in the body. Heart attacks, cancer,diabetes to name a few are often responses of fear in our physical body.

Faith and Courage creates Miracles!!

Fear not!…. Help is available. I personally can identify with many of the above signs in different degrees. I am however conscious of the fact that I can operate from Fear very easily especially if I am experiencing something totally new. I am also aware that I have the choice of using Faith and Courage as tools to overcome my Fears.

The work that I do as a Healing Facilitator is always a good place to start releasing fears. Book that Reiki session, look at that old pattern that you would like to change, learn the Energy Medicine exercises and do them.

When we take  the’ Brave’ move to get to the other side of those fears, Opportunities / Synchronicities  just appear.

We can choose to be of service to others coming from Love not Fear of not being accepted. We then say Yes when we mean Yes and No when we mean No!

Taking chances opens us to all new possibilities.

Surrendering to the Flow of Life, gives us energy and vitality to enjoy the ride. Letting go is the frequency of Miracles.

Speaking our Truth allows those who resonate with our  soul community.

We can Meditate, Question our fear based beliefs,Trust the Universe,see it as a Loving Guiding intelligence that is all Love. We will then attract  more of the same.Finding our Soul Tribe is vital. We must limit our exposure to people who let fear run their lives. [No judgement]. When you spend time and witness others that choose to live their lives with Faith,Courage and Wisdom,we will be inspired to stay on course even when life becomes challenging.

When we fly with Eagles, we will develop a higher perspective of what life can be. When we choose to be with Like Minded people we will develop more skills to lift us up!

Live with Courage which is being Brave; Faith which is believing in a Loving Supportive Universe; Wisdom is studying and using all the tools available to us!!

Lissa Rankin M.D. and Claudette Chatrand


Expelling the Venom

Recently we have lost one of our beloved  family pet. We were all emotionally affected especially my daughter and grandchildren. I realized that I was picking up their sorrow and discovered that I needed to let go because this was causing me a lot of suffering and inadvertently I was not helping them. Going back to the Access Consciousness tool of SENDING IT BACK ,I became aware that if we pick up each other’s sadness and grief we only serve to make it that much bigger energetically. So when they in turn pick up our sadness and grief it just grows exponentially. We must realize that we do this picking up other’s emotions quite unconsciously. It just happens. I wanted to help my family to deal with this time of sorrow in a positive way. So I began to Send it Back………this kept the size of the emotions at a minimum.

I also used this tool of EXPANDING OUT!   I honored my own feelings, and as I visualized myself expandig out, with a deep breath, kept expanding out…..I chose to release the emotions. After that whatever my family was feeling would not be exaggerated when they picked up on mine.This way they would be feeling their feelings , not mine. I realize that we can only do our part in all of this.  I cannot control what my daughter picks up from her husband and children etc. That is why I post this so that hopefully I can teach others about this very important tool. Please refer to the block Return to Sender if this is not clear to you.

The other tool that I used was what Donna Eden calls Expelling the venom. I did this also to make sure that I was not holding on to anything that was blocking and burdening my spirit. This is how it goes. Look at both your hands as you make a fist; fingers looking at you. Circle your arms around and place them way above your head. With your fists towards you,  take a deep breath…open your hands and rush your arms in front of you as emphatically release your breath with a ‘Whoosh’ sound. Repeat several times. See he video for more clarity.

Hoping that you will experiment with these wonderful tools to Free your Spirit, your heart and soul from unnecessary suffering.

What is raising vibration and consciousness??

Referring to the last blog, I would like to give a brief explanation of what raising our vibrations and or consciousness means. Simply put, vibration is the movement of energy that composes all that is. Raising our vibration means increasing the speed of that movement. EVERYTHING IS ENERGY! from the chair you sit on to the thoughts in your head. Energy has a frequency. Lower frequencies are negative. Higher, lighter frequencies are what we see as positive. The simple message here is that the Earth because of the evolutionary process is moving into a higher frequency and us as the human race must evolve with that process if we are going to survive. Out thoughts of Love and Gratitude is a powerful way to begin shifting our own vibration and therefore affect the destiny of the world one thought or action at a time. By the law of attraction we attract to us the vibration/frequency of our thoughts and our words. I recommend a very informative booklet to expound on this called Raise your verbal vibration by Caroline A.Shearer.

Now I will continue the blog by giving you the next steps to assist you in the process of raising your own vibration to match the vibration of the planet earth at this time of transition and expansion.

Nutrition. Everything we eat has a vibration. Junk food of course has a lower denser vibration. Raw natural food has a higher vibration.

Master your thoughts. Change your thoughts, change your vibration. Love and Gratitude no matter what hold the highest possible vibration.

hearts on the beach

Love and Gratitude is the answer;No matter what the question is!!

Speak your Truth. This can be done with love and compassion.The problem with not being in your truth on an ongoing manner is that often times accumulated frustrations  can sometimes lead to unconscious blurting out, This causes unnecessary pain for the receiver. Be in your truth as you go.I just had an experience with that and found that I had to do a lot of self forgiveness and loving to console my very special friend. I do not plan on repeating this manner of communication.

Release Emotional Blocks. Forgiveness, compassion and understanding are some of the most effective ways to release your emotional blocks. If you struggle with that,you would benefit by receiving Reiki or any of the healing modalities. Book a time with  me who does this type of work. Any  Healing energy facilitator would be helpful. Remember that this healing work can be done long distance.

Addictions. Addictions are signs of emotional blocks. See someone to assist you in determining the emotion behind the addiction.

Turn off electronic devices. TV, internet etc. Be mindful of the amount of time you spend with electromagnetic devices.

Nature. Spend time connecting with Mother Earth, the trees, flowers, water etc.

Honor your body. Always love your body no matter what you illness you might be experiencing. Send it love!! Know what influences your body’s vibration and keep it positive. See your body as the temple for the expression of spiritual energy in a physical form. This will raise its vibration. You are a Spiritual Being having a Physical Experience.

Excerpts taken from Wake up World/Nanice Ellis and from Claudette Chartrand.

Higher vibrations

455676e04eed66452d759322b013606eAs the shift in consciousness continues to evolve many of us feel physically strange, stressed and at times emotionally overloaded. There are two things that need to happen for us to be able to effortlessly process this higher vibration.

1. Our body needs to vibrate at same frequency as the incoming energy. The level of our vibration is directly related to the frequency of our thoughts. Positive and loving thoughts produce higher frequencies while negative and fearful thoughts produce lower frequencies.

Our struggles emotionally and physically occur when we are in a negative space and the energies of the universe pouring onto our planet is of a much higher frequency.This will also occur if we are battling inside to  maintain thoughts and attitude of a higher frequency and seem to be harboring negative thoughts. I can share one of my own personal experience that demonstrates this quite clearly. As a rule I make the choice of being in a positive state of mind. However a few days ago I experienced a time of great fear and hopelessness in regards to a particular area in my life. My thoughts were in a dark place. I had also experienced a very positive workshop that very morning.  With the negative thoughts I was allowing in my mind and the positive experience of that morning, I was in total conflict. My soul and my ego were struggling for control and my emotional state deteriorated. I realize now a few days later that this event was a huge teacher for me.  I now know what was going on and what I would do in the future with this.

2. Every part of our body must be free of emotional blocks. I was allowing emotional blocks to stop the higher frequency energies to flow through and so I was in emotional turmoil. I also felt physically exhausted.Our body does not lie. I did actually feel all this in my heart center,and my head felt heavy.


Here are a few tools to help clear stuck energy.

Breathe.This is the one tool that is always with us. Deep and Slow deliberate breathes can move energy.

Movement. Yoga, Tai Chi, any type of movement. Google 7 minutes of magic by Lee Holden. This is a Qi Gong and is a fabulous exercise. It restores you in 7 minutes.

Talk to your body with compassion.  When we are negative about our body, we lower it’s vibration. Love you body no matter what.

Hydration.  Since our body is mostly water, staying hydrated raises the frequency of the body.

Keep posted for the continuation of more Good News as to how to nurture yourself in times of stress in my next blog.

Healing Requires Time and Patience

???????There is often a time lapse between your inner release of judgment and your mental shift and the outside world catching up. Patience is a hug requirement if you want the results that you are working to achieve.

This means that the other may still be problematic in your assessment of things. Allow them their experience  as you maintain your goal. If you stay true to this process in both loving yourself and the other person, a huge transformation will unfold.

You will first notice less tension between the two of you, a or an openness that was not there before. Just keep loving and encouraging. You may experience bumps in the road. Don’t react if you see improvements and then an issue arises-stay aligned with the three steps and things will smooth out again.

If you digress, don’t despair, just start again and have Faith.

Setting boundaries. If you see that you are judged……….say with kindness that no one is allowed to judge you. I am sorry I cannot hear you when you are judging me. This will set the tone as to how you want to be treated. You must always act out of integrity with any request.

If you want to have relationships that work you must get rid of Pride, Arrogance and Self Righteousness. Cast Blame to the wind and take complete responsibility for every responsibility. Others do ot need to wake up, take responsibility, apologize or do anything different. Only you need to shift. You must be the change you want to see in the ones you love.

Any one can have a great relationship if they surrender judgment and they embrace each other from a space of pure appreciation. Here is an affirmation that is powerful and healing for the mending of any relationship with others and first of all with yourself. Say this to yourself!!!! and for others!