Why is Love the answer no matter what the question.

b26185587a574b6fca5bb994893044b5This is quite a statement and it could not be more true.

“Take away Love and our earth is a tomb”. Robert Browning [1812-1889]  Poet

I like to use metaphors to clearly see for myself how’ Love’ can change any situation. Let us say that Life is like a Garden………The Garden of Life!  We as humans all have a part of this huge garden to take care of. I choose to use natural black earth filled with natural nutrients, fertilizers and mulch to enhance my garden to grow.  I water it, place it in the sunshine, and am grateful for every seed I plant. I see all of this with eyes and a heart filled with Love and Gratitude. If I see a weed, I gently remove it and place it in an area where it will not suffocate the growth of my vegetables or flowers.My garden thrives and I am Happy. By these actions, I am a role model for others without saying a word.

Next to me is someone who also has a garden but uses exhausted soil that has been overused and is depleted of nutrients. This person uses chemical, to fertilize and curses every weed, as he yanks them out of the earth and throws them here and there. Then he goes about his life forgetting to water and abandons the garden. His garden will not thrive and he will therefore not be happy with it.

Because he is next to me, unfortunately some of his chemicals leach into my garden, the weeds that he carelessly threw here and there ended up in my garden and the toxicity of it all is detrimental to the life of my garden.

The solution to this  dilemma is for me to talk lovingly to that person. Explain what is happening and perhaps give him a hand with educating him re chemicals etc. If this does not help and the person is not interested there are ways to deal with this appropriately and even perhaps I would move my garden somewhere else where others were respectful and caring. Place Love in the situation and you will see miracles happen. Who knows what that person may decide to do???

My point is that cursing that man and perhaps trashing his garden is unfortunately not going to help the situation. It would only cause more toxicity in  our world. In an already toxic world /garden do we want to add more toxicity??

This applies to us in everyday life over and over as we experience each moment. Our thoughts, our actions, our words impact others around us. Have Loving thoughts about whatever your situation is. If you have a sick spouse, be more loving to yourself by taking breaks, finding respite and love that spouse more than ever. See this time as an opportunity to support him or her. If you do the opposite and do see yourself as a victim. you will soon burn out and your situation will deteriorate even more.Place Love over and over in the situation.

“When another person makes you suffer,it is because he/she suffers deeply within himself,and his suffering is spilling over. He does not need punishment;he needs help.”Thich Naht Hanh” [Buddhist Peace Activist]

If someone is lost for whatever reason and makes you suffer; first love yourself enough to keep safe, but do not curse or judge that person, because that will only add more toxicity to our world. Place Love in that situation.

“Love is the most powerful and still the most unknown energy in the world.” Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.[1881-1955] Priest and Philosopher.

Be Love and Be the Change you want to see in the World.