REIKI is a Japanese word meaning ‘UNIVERSAL LIFE FORCE’.



  • Today, I give thanks for my BLESSINGS
  • Today, I have FAITH
  • Today, I am PEACEFUL
  • Today, I do my work HONESTLY
  • Today, I am KIND to every living creature
  • Reiki goes back originally to China, India and Egypt as far back as 2500B….BC. In the late 1800’s a man by the name of  Dr. Usui rediscovered this ancient method of healing. He was from Japan. This healing modality has been passed down through his students and hence brought to us in the Western world.  Illness is a result of energy imbalance. By the facilitator transmitting  Reiki , your body is assisted in regaining health and balance.

The healing energy is  transmitted from a gentle placement of hands on the body . Many clients have experienced the feeling of heat, relaxation and pain relief from this method.Some clients come just to be grounded, relaxed and rejuvenated. It is an all round loving energy that restores the body and the soul.



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