Following my Path

17ccaf8c9addb2d69bcd3e28220343c6I am experiencing some kind of shift. Six weeks ago I had a health challenge and ever since I feel a need to change my life; not sure exactly what that means. Everyday new plans are made  to let go of things, and people and hobbies that have been a part of my life. Time alone is now seen as a gift to choose to reconnect with my spirit self instead of seeing it as me being lonely.Very Freeing!! |Suddenly I am guided to take a course in plant base eating; then my daughter introduces me to Taoism; I suddenly don’t need to spend time with a certain person who has not treated me respectfully. My art work has now been put at rest for who knows how long??? I am suddenly at peace with doing or not doing healing work.

Today I decided to blog without pressuring myself in any way; nor feeling like I must get this blog written. My closet which is long overdue for a huge de cluttering is suddenly calling my name. It feels very freeing to be in this space of non resistance and yet everything is changing and what is getting done is just happening and the rest is falling away. I am Grateful!

P.S. I watched Wayne Dyer’s you tube movie called The Shift. It was inspiring beyond words. It just came to me……..I did not strive to find it. I am on my way to arriving home to  myself!! Peace is flowing!  Grateful!


2 thoughts on “Following my Path

  1. Isn’t it amazing to arrive at a place of “just allowing”? I was thinking about all the things we do that we love, but when we do it with an expectation of any sort, it no longers just come from love. I’m so glad that you are here. We are shifting, and I am grateful….with no expectations! 🙂

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