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I Believe that I can assist you in accessing your Inner Power, Wisdom ,and Worth. This can create a healthier you on many levels. Twenty years ago, I embarked on my own spiritual journey. Many years of nursing enabled me to cultivate my interest in the care of the body, mind and soul. I then began an intensive and varied learning program of alternative methods for inner healing.

Being Grateful

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One of the Reiki Affirmation is.. “Today I will give Thanks for my many Blessings!

For me today… “I give thanks for my knowledge of Reiki” it is an non invasive hands on

Healing modality that Brings Relaxation, Emotional and Physical Healing!!







The Value of Being Present


I have been watching Elkart  Tolle’s video on Being Present in the Now moment. Basically what that means to me is to practice , practice, practice observing the ongoing activity of your mind. The mind will take you to the past, and the future and that is how we miss living our lives fully. We miss the Now Moment which is truly where our lives are.  The benefits of this practice are numerous. It relieves anxiety, creates space in our being to be creative. There really isn’t anything we cannot handle one moment at a time.

I challenge myself and you if you are open to it.  Practice staying in the “Now Moment.” Even if it is only a few minutes per day. It does get easier.

I welcome feed back on this subject!!


What is Reiki all about?

Reiki is called the Universal Life Force. It is a non invasive hands on Healing modality. The session lasts about an hour. Some people choose to experience this energy work simply for relaxation. I have been told that they feel like they have just received the best massage ever. Others come for emotional healing or for pain relief.

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Why is Love the answer no matter what the question.

b26185587a574b6fca5bb994893044b5This is quite a statement and it could not be more true.

“Take away Love and our earth is a tomb”. Robert Browning [1812-1889]  Poet

I like to use metaphors to clearly see for myself how’ Love’ can change any situation. Let us say that Life is like a Garden………The Garden of Life!  We as humans all have a part of this huge garden to take care of. I choose to use natural black earth filled with natural nutrients, fertilizers and mulch to enhance my garden to grow.  I water it, place it in the sunshine, and am grateful for every seed I plant. I see all of this with eyes and a heart filled with Love and Gratitude. If I see a weed, I gently remove it and place it in an area where it will not suffocate the growth of my vegetables or flowers.My garden thrives and I am Happy. By these actions, I am a role model for others without saying a word.

Next to me is someone who also has a garden but uses exhausted soil that has been overused and is depleted of nutrients. This person uses chemical, to fertilize and curses every weed, as he yanks them out of the earth and throws them here and there. Then he goes about his life forgetting to water and abandons the garden. His garden will not thrive and he will therefore not be happy with it.

Because he is next to me, unfortunately some of his chemicals leach into my garden, the weeds that he carelessly threw here and there ended up in my garden and the toxicity of it all is detrimental to the life of my garden.

The solution to this  dilemma is for me to talk lovingly to that person. Explain what is happening and perhaps give him a hand with educating him re chemicals etc. If this does not help and the person is not interested there are ways to deal with this appropriately and even perhaps I would move my garden somewhere else where others were respectful and caring. Place Love in the situation and you will see miracles happen. Who knows what that person may decide to do???

My point is that cursing that man and perhaps trashing his garden is unfortunately not going to help the situation. It would only cause more toxicity in  our world. In an already toxic world /garden do we want to add more toxicity??

This applies to us in everyday life over and over as we experience each moment. Our thoughts, our actions, our words impact others around us. Have Loving thoughts about whatever your situation is. If you have a sick spouse, be more loving to yourself by taking breaks, finding respite and love that spouse more than ever. See this time as an opportunity to support him or her. If you do the opposite and do see yourself as a victim. you will soon burn out and your situation will deteriorate even more.Place Love over and over in the situation.

“When another person makes you suffer,it is because he/she suffers deeply within himself,and his suffering is spilling over. He does not need punishment;he needs help.”Thich Naht Hanh” [Buddhist Peace Activist]

If someone is lost for whatever reason and makes you suffer; first love yourself enough to keep safe, but do not curse or judge that person, because that will only add more toxicity to our world. Place Love in that situation.

“Love is the most powerful and still the most unknown energy in the world.” Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.[1881-1955] Priest and Philosopher.

Be Love and Be the Change you want to see in the World.

Following my Path

17ccaf8c9addb2d69bcd3e28220343c6I am experiencing some kind of shift. Six weeks ago I had a health challenge and ever since I feel a need to change my life; not sure exactly what that means. Everyday new plans are made  to let go of things, and people and hobbies that have been a part of my life. Time alone is now seen as a gift to choose to reconnect with my spirit self instead of seeing it as me being lonely.Very Freeing!! |Suddenly I am guided to take a course in plant base eating; then my daughter introduces me to Taoism; I suddenly don’t need to spend time with a certain person who has not treated me respectfully. My art work has now been put at rest for who knows how long??? I am suddenly at peace with doing or not doing healing work.

Today I decided to blog without pressuring myself in any way; nor feeling like I must get this blog written. My closet which is long overdue for a huge de cluttering is suddenly calling my name. It feels very freeing to be in this space of non resistance and yet everything is changing and what is getting done is just happening and the rest is falling away. I am Grateful!

P.S. I watched Wayne Dyer’s you tube movie called The Shift. It was inspiring beyond words. It just came to me……..I did not strive to find it. I am on my way to arriving home to  myself!! Peace is flowing!  Grateful!

Allowing ourselves to Receive

For the last twenty years I have been on a spiritual journey. For me that meant to learn all I could about who I am, what my purpose here is, and how I can serve others. I believe that we are all Spiritual beings having a Physical experience.

After I had done  a lot of research and study to learn different methods of healing, I  became a Reiki Master, learned Acupressure, how to do Pattern work, studied Access Consciousness and other modalities of healing. I was very focus on not only sending Love and Compassion to everyone, but choosing to ‘Be Love and Compassion’. That meant I was a being that radiated Love as I met people walking down the street, heard of some disaster somewhere in the world,or when I saw someone suffering or even being Joyful. I was all about being the Change that I wanted to see in the World. Once I was in a hospital with a family member. We waited for hours in the E.R. I witnessed a lot of people coming and going that were very ill. I made a conscious effort to smile at the patients, their family members, the staff etc. I wanted to bring some loving energy in to these situations.Just that Smile was powerful medicine; remembering the we all smile in the same language.

All these years I was learning to Love myself first. I did grow in that area a little at a time. My barometer for knowing that, was that I choose to leave unhealthy relationships; Be it with a partner, friend or coworker. I also did other Self Care things like taking care of my body in various ways, I exercised and ate well.

The area that I seem to struggle with is to have Compassion, Forgiveness,and Acceptance for myself. I am aware that I now choose to give myself those soul qualities. I so easily give others. As we experience life, we will probably always have areas that we feel we would have,should have, could have done some things differently. I now choose to see my life experiences as just that…..experiences. Let go of the judgement, guilt and regret. One very effective way of doing this is by being aware of my self talk, that inner critic that comes from Fear based Ego. Hear it, send your ego Love and Compassion and  let the negative comments just pass on by. Don’t hook in.

I had a few session with a healer who suggested that I still had not learned to receive completely. I was still consumed with giving Love, Compassion and Service  to everyone else but still out of balance with giving these to myself. I knew that I have friends  and family that love me, however my ability to Give and to Receive were still out of balance.

I believe that to truly love others we must start with ourselves. I have grown a lot in this area of self love, however I am becoming more aware of the fact that I still have many areas in which I would benefit by allowing myself to receive more.

Energy follows intention! My intentions now are to see myself being a magnet for receiving. Stating out loud that I choose to receive. Now when I choose to be Love or to send Love to anyone else, I first make the choice to open myself up to receiving first. I am sure it is very healthy for my heart, and my whole body and soul.

I mentioned that I have changed my way of dealing with relationships. Now if someone is disrespectful or dishonest,I ask them to have “The talk”! That is ,let’s talk about this. If the  behavior continues I let these people go with Love… No Judgement.

Saying NO when I mean no and saying Yes when I mean yes. These are very useful tool in self love;having the courage to be honest with others about what works in my best interest and what does not.

I want to be very clear. When you are a mother or a caregiver, I am aware that there will be times when you must put your needs aside to help another. However if this is a chronic way of life your will burn out and have nothing to give anyone.

Studying all about codependency has also been a wake up call for me. I have learnt that Self Care is to teach others what I am able to teach but Not do for someone what they are quite capable of doing for themselves. You are then also serving that other person by allowing them to learn how to thrive on their own.

Also I encourage others that do healing work ,to go themselves for a Reiki session, or go for that massage etc. I am learning to do that myself more and more. This is good advice for anyone.

The long and short of it is for us to receive more Abundance94e489e10b35f57c58f3a14c9f159311 in all areas of life we must love ourselves enough to allow the Universe to bring this Abundance to us.

Today, my Affirmations are;

“My Heart beats to the rhythm of love for myself and for the world.”

“I am open to receive Joy in the very center of my Being.”

“My best Self Care is Loving myself first”.

“I choose to Give and Receive in Balance”

Be open to receiving with Gratitude,   xo Claudette