How does it get better than this?

How-does-it-get-any-better-than-this-300x200I have a few questions that I find very helpful now that you are aware of this tool of Asking Questions. When you are experiencing something that is exciting, expanding or just plain joyful, you can ask “How does it get better than this? Then as we know we don’t get into our brain for the answer. We just become mindful and listen to what answer or answers the Universe brings us. See what shows up for you.

Now if you are experiencing something annoying, limiting or frightening, you can still ask a question.  You could for example say; What else if possible here, or  How does it get better than this?

This is a wondrous tool to shift our energy from panic , fear or anger and frustration to a place of Faith that the answer will be given to you. Just be open to hearing it.


Asking Questions

Whenever you feel lost or confused about a situation and can’t seem to get any direction; Ask the Question! Ask the Universe, God or whatever term resonates with you to direct you, to give you clarity or whatever you need. The important next step is to Not Get Into your Brain to figure out the answer! Ask as many Questions as you want.

Ask the question, and allow the information to come in. Ask and go about your day.

The magical and mysterious gift that follows is that you will get a nudge to call someone, or be inspired to follow a certain path, or perhaps something annoying just shifts and you feel free from it. Whatever it is that you receive just go with it.

Go ahead, EQuestionxperiment, See what the Universe brings you!

More and Ease and Joy by Blasting it out.

Blasting it out is a term used to get rid of stuck emotion that you just can’t  let go of. You are stuck in not having the result you want, or not accepting that someone is ill or whatever it is that is troubling you. After you have sent  back what is not yours ,and now you are dealing with your own stuff, Blast it out! Take a conscious deep breath, connect to what it is you are attached to that is stuck, be animated with your arms or facial gestures, sounds, and release it…Blast it! Use the energy of the word; press on the Delete button on your computer.It is the same as deleting programs that you no longer need. The energy and intention behind the words will eliminate the stuff that is getting in your way.

1. Bring up the energy or charge on the specific issue.

2.Expand it to get everywhere and everything that is stuck. images

Blast it!

Transforming your Life with more Ease and Joy

imagesExpanding out

This is a very powerful tool that can transform your life. I have been taught many different ways of not picking up negative feelings and thoughts from others. By far the quickest and most effective way is to Expand Out; first,make a conscious choice to Breathe Deeply from the top of your head to the bottom of your toes, down into the earth. With each breath you see yourself expanding you, the energy being that you are, miles around you including into the earth. Keep deep breathing until you have expanded, 100 miles, 500 miles, 1000 miles and on it goes until you are as big as the Universe; in the expanded state of your true self, your spirit self.

Remembering that you are a soul/spirit having a physical experience in this body,when you Expand Out like that, you connect to who you truly are. In that state negative feelings or thoughts cannot stick to you. It is also a good time to send back whatever pops up for you at that time.

When we are triggered and feel painful emotions, we tend to contract and the energy of our negative feelings get stuck in our body.When you are Expanded out nothing sticks to you. It is like trying to stick something to the wind. It just can’t happen.

How would you like to live a life with more Ease and Joy?

Experiencing Life with more Ease and Joy

I am sure that your first reaction to that statement is “That is Impossible or That just can’t be”. Am I right? If I could introduce you to some simple tools that would start you on the Path of Ease and Joy, would you be interested in at least reading about it and applying the tools for a few days before you dismiss the whole idea? Here is the first step!

Is that yours?

The first concept to understand is that the majority of our feelings do Not Belong to Us! We as humans are like transistor radios that pick up feelings and thoughts of everyone around us. Have you ever walked into a room where everyone is laughing and suddenly you are laughing also. You don’t know why but there you are. The same principle applies with most of our feelings. For example when my granddaughter was diagnosed with a serious heart condition the whole family went into a tail spin of various emotions: concern, fear, sadness etc. Using this principle I realized that I took on my granddaughter’s feelings, my daughter’s, her husband and everyone else that love this little girl; and so the pool of negative emotions grew exponentially into a huge monster. When I started using this tool, I asked myself: Is all that pain mine? By doing so I immediately felt lighter.

The next step was to send it back.  We don’t need to try and figure out who’s feelings we picked up and where to send it all back. Just Return to Sender!

imgresTruly you are doing the Universe a huge favor; the more you own others’ feelings and thoughts as your own the more we create Fear and Panic. Send it back with Love, Empathy or Consciousness attached to it and let the Universe take care of it. You have now started creating more Joy and Ease for yourself.