How would you like to live a life with more Ease and Joy?

Experiencing Life with more Ease and Joy

I am sure that your first reaction to that statement is “That is Impossible or That just can’t be”. Am I right? If I could introduce you to some simple tools that would start you on the Path of Ease and Joy, would you be interested in at least reading about it and applying the tools for a few days before you dismiss the whole idea? Here is the first step!

Is that yours?

The first concept to understand is that the majority of our feelings do Not Belong to Us! We as humans are like transistor radios that pick up feelings and thoughts of everyone around us. Have you ever walked into a room where everyone is laughing and suddenly you are laughing also. You don’t know why but there you are. The same principle applies with most of our feelings. For example when my granddaughter was diagnosed with a serious heart condition the whole family went into a tail spin of various emotions: concern, fear, sadness etc. Using this principle I realized that I took on my granddaughter’s feelings, my daughter’s, her husband and everyone else that love this little girl; and so the pool of negative emotions grew exponentially into a huge monster. When I started using this tool, I asked myself: Is all that pain mine? By doing so I immediately felt lighter.

The next step was to send it back.  We don’t need to try and figure out who’s feelings we picked up and where to send it all back. Just Return to Sender!

imgresTruly you are doing the Universe a huge favor; the more you own others’ feelings and thoughts as your own the more we create Fear and Panic. Send it back with Love, Empathy or Consciousness attached to it and let the Universe take care of it. You have now started creating more Joy and Ease for yourself.


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