Being Grateful

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One of the Reiki Affirmation is.. “Today I will give Thanks for my many Blessings!

For me today… “I give thanks for my knowledge of Reiki” it is an non invasive hands on

Healing modality that Brings Relaxation, Emotional and Physical Healing!!








Today’s Heavy Snowfall

I mentioned that Access Consciousness is the modality that stresses this. We benefit from experiencing life without judgement. When we choose to do that, we choose Serenity vs. Frustration, Peace vs. Turmoil. and much more Energy/Life force. I always say that we need to honor our feelings. When we first look out and the snow is up to our knees and we wonder if we can even get to work: yes of course it is healthy to make space for that moment of panic or frustration. Don’t stay there too long because if you do it will overpower you and rob you of your Peace. ┬áTo choose to live in the Now, deal with whatever you next step is, will make space in your mind to Respond, rather than React . This is the way to use your mind constructively to deal with the issue at hand….The Snow!!!!!

Stay Grateful…the Universe will always give you opportunities to Practice, Practice, Practice!! Claudette