More and Ease and Joy by Blasting it out.

Blasting it out is a term used to get rid of stuck emotion that you just can’t  let go of. You are stuck in not having the result you want, or not accepting that someone is ill or whatever it is that is troubling you. After you have sent  back what is not yours ,and now you are dealing with your own stuff, Blast it out! Take a conscious deep breath, connect to what it is you are attached to that is stuck, be animated with your arms or facial gestures, sounds, and release it…Blast it! Use the energy of the word; press on the Delete button on your computer.It is the same as deleting programs that you no longer need. The energy and intention behind the words will eliminate the stuff that is getting in your way.

1. Bring up the energy or charge on the specific issue.

2.Expand it to get everywhere and everything that is stuck. images

Blast it!


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