Asking Questions

Whenever you feel lost or confused about a situation and can’t seem to get any direction; Ask the Question! Ask the Universe, God or whatever term resonates with you to direct you, to give you clarity or whatever you need. The important next step is to Not Get Into your Brain to figure out the answer! Ask as many Questions as you want.

Ask the question, and allow the information to come in. Ask and go about your day.

The magical and mysterious gift that follows is that you will get a nudge to call someone, or be inspired to follow a certain path, or perhaps something annoying just shifts and you feel free from it. Whatever it is that you receive just go with it.

Go ahead, EQuestionxperiment, See what the Universe brings you!

Healing in the heart of Muskoka

Mindfulness… Breath… Gratitude…

These are the fundamental practices for cultivating and maintaining health. Incorporating these concepts with modalities, such as Reiki, Acupressure, Access Consciousness, Massage and others, my goal is to empower you to be who you are. I encourage my clients to be active participants in their own healing. The act of being involved in this process is how  life conditions improve.