Letting go of Control

6128-letting-go-isnt-a-one-time-thing-its-something-you-have-toWe as humans have two choices as to how we operate in the world. One is from Fear and the other is from Love. When we choose to Control, we come from Fear. When we connect to our True Self which is the Spiritual Being that we all are, we come from Love. I have said for a long time that Love is the answer no matter what the question.

Let us look at Control.  We use the term Control Freak freely in our society. We are all Control Freaks ………..different levels. Some extreme and some less so. I know for myself that I have grown in the area of letting go of control ,but still find myself going there from time to time. The difference for me now is that I am conscious and aware of my Fears and my need to worry and want to control. What does that mean? It means that I want to release control and choose over and over again to do so. Control  can be a full time job with more disappointments than rewards.

One of the biggest problem with control is that when we control we close our hearts and separate ourselves from others and of course, whatever it is that we want to control creates a prison for us. It is similar to the saying “What we resist Persists”.

We often want to control others but also we want to control life.We do that because we feel controlled ourselves by society, authority figures, schools, and all the shoulds and woulds that we hear constantly. This supports a Fear based world. This behavior cuts us off from our true power. We control because we don’t Trust Life!! We have the misconception that Life will fail us and those we love if we don’t control. This biggest problem here is that whole way of living will only make us tired, anxious, depressed and ill. Peace and Joy follows from a deep connection to life itself. Trust and Letting Go, believing that something bigger than us is in charge.

The sun rises every morning and sets every nite, we breathe without thinking about it, our heart beats without cues. The full attention of the Universe is upon us every moment of our existence. At the center of this omnipotent consciousness is Unconditional Love, Let go and Trust that. Let go to that! This is what the Lighthouse represents to me. That inner Source of all life that will guide us in our darkest times. Invoke that power of the Universe, take time in silence to hear and feel the guidance. Ask the question….How can this get any better? What else is possible? Do Not answer those questions. Stay out of your mind….connect to your inner light and you will get your answers.The only way to access this is to Let Go!!!!

We can  be an observer, connect to this inner wisdom and watch life unfold around us . Also we can master the thoughts that do not serve us. We do this by visualization, imagination. Out thoughts or our mind is a powerful servant but can be a destructive master. Choose thoughts that come from who you truly are not from your Fear based ego.  Become the master of your own mind otherwise it will imprison you.

Even if we see what we perceive as Bad things happening, the only power we have is to Respect and Understand the power of this intelligence. By sending Love, doing what is in our power to protect those we love, being the change we want to see in the world, we Empower ourselves and all life around us.

A powerful tool to freedom from control is practicing being in this moment, now. Be present here. In this moment let go of all obligations, expectations, roles, stresses, and everything else. This creates Freedom from all of it. Focus on your Breath as you release all attachments , thoughts and beliefs. This is where all our power dwells.

I like the word Practice. This means that when you read this you may think that it is great advise and you will decide to live this way. Kudos to you!! Just remember that practice makes perfect. Every time you fall off the horse; ” GET UP “,and choose again. This is a process. It takes time.

Unplug from your ego based fears, and plug into the Universal Intelligence.I invite you to tap into the Magic and Wonder of the Universe and pay attention to the nudges, guidance, synchronicity that will present themselves. You are off the hook so to speak and continuously connected. Your health., life condition , finances, relationships  will improve and you will  thrive!  LET GO!!!!!!

Excerpts from Nanice Ellis [Secrets to Releasing Control], Claudette Chartrand, and  Access Consciousness.


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