Can we live our Lives with Faith, Courage and Wisdom.

eagle flyingHow do we know if we are experiencing less of what life has to offer because of lack of Faith and Courage?

I know that the heart is emotional, the brain is erratic, and the ego if always coming from fear! However,if we connect to our Soul, we connect with a friend. One that can actually communicate with our higher self, our divinity and calm the frightened ego.

Let us now look at the signs that will let us know if fear is in the driver’s seat of our lives. Most of the time we don’t even know that fear is  at the wheel. We, in this culture tend to see Fear as a weakness. We disguise it as Stress. That seems to be the accepted term.  What would be helpful is to create a relationship with fear befriend it.  Ask your Soul to help you dialogue with, comfort and calm the frightened Ego. The two working together are a powerful healing tool.

Here are some of signs that fear is in charge.

1. If we are not absolutely perfect we  just don’t go there. Wherever our dreams would take us ; real intimacy, to be known, loved and accepted.

2. We say no, when we mean yes, and yes when we mean no.Yes when we fear disappointing others,instead of loving our self first. We say no when we are afraid of failing or succeeding .

3.Numbing ourselves with food, alcohol, drugs, sex, or busyness which will keep our inner pain numbed. This simply increases our feelings of low self esteem, and keeps us stuck in that fear place.

4.Procrastination and or becoming paralyzed is always a very effective way to avoid facing Fears head on. We stand on the side lines where it is safer.

5. We become Control Freaks and need to micromanage everything and everyone. We see the world as a hostile place and for us to survive we Must be in charge, grab the wheel with both hands and steer towards what we want at all cost.

6.Avoid speaking up. We don’t stand for what we believe, don’t let our voice be heard, don’t tell someone they have truly hurt us, and you don’t ask for what we want.

7.We get sick.Fear also triggers stress response in the body. Heart attacks, cancer,diabetes to name a few are often responses of fear in our physical body.

Faith and Courage creates Miracles!!

Fear not!…. Help is available. I personally can identify with many of the above signs in different degrees. I am however conscious of the fact that I can operate from Fear very easily especially if I am experiencing something totally new. I am also aware that I have the choice of using Faith and Courage as tools to overcome my Fears.

The work that I do as a Healing Facilitator is always a good place to start releasing fears. Book that Reiki session, look at that old pattern that you would like to change, learn the Energy Medicine exercises and do them.

When we take  the’ Brave’ move to get to the other side of those fears, Opportunities / Synchronicities  just appear.

We can choose to be of service to others coming from Love not Fear of not being accepted. We then say Yes when we mean Yes and No when we mean No!

Taking chances opens us to all new possibilities.

Surrendering to the Flow of Life, gives us energy and vitality to enjoy the ride. Letting go is the frequency of Miracles.

Speaking our Truth allows those who resonate with our  soul community.

We can Meditate, Question our fear based beliefs,Trust the Universe,see it as a Loving Guiding intelligence that is all Love. We will then attract  more of the same.Finding our Soul Tribe is vital. We must limit our exposure to people who let fear run their lives. [No judgement]. When you spend time and witness others that choose to live their lives with Faith,Courage and Wisdom,we will be inspired to stay on course even when life becomes challenging.

When we fly with Eagles, we will develop a higher perspective of what life can be. When we choose to be with Like Minded people we will develop more skills to lift us up!

Live with Courage which is being Brave; Faith which is believing in a Loving Supportive Universe; Wisdom is studying and using all the tools available to us!!

Lissa Rankin M.D. and Claudette Chatrand


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