I am sharing with you my sense of Gratitude at this time. I have been away from blogging for a short time because of health challenges.  I had an angiogram that detected a blockage in my heart. As I lay on the stretcher on the way to the O.R. I was prepared for whatever was found as a diagnosis. Perhaps I would need open heart surgery, perhaps a new stent,perhaps all was well , perhaps I would die??? Facing my mortality all I could do was thank my wondrous heart for beating for me for 72 years. When you really think of it, what a unimaginable gift!!! I lay there in Gratitude and in Love and Wonder of this phenomena. All these years, billions of beats, always there for me to experience life in this physical body. Our Heart allows us to have fresh Blood ,Oxygen circulating throughout our veins and arteries. Then to add to the gift it is our heart centre, energetically that gives us the opportunity/capacity to Love. It is the center for Joy! According to Louise Hay our heart beats to the rhythm of love.

I will end by saying that I needed another stent to correct a blockage in my heart. I am recovering nicely. I will always cherish that time in the O.R. It reminded me to be Grateful always for all life experienphoto 1ces.


4 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. I will always be amazed by the miracle that life is!
    From the first breath we take, to the oxygenated blood that is delivered relentlessly by our beating heart…Life is truly a miracle!
    I am thankful every day for the heart that beats inside of me, for the life that I have been given, for the joys that I have seen, and for those that are yet to come!
    And my gratitude today lies with the knowledge that my mother’s heart beats on stronger than ever. ❤️

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