Higher vibrations

455676e04eed66452d759322b013606eAs the shift in consciousness continues to evolve many of us feel physically strange, stressed and at times emotionally overloaded. There are two things that need to happen for us to be able to effortlessly process this higher vibration.

1. Our body needs to vibrate at same frequency as the incoming energy. The level of our vibration is directly related to the frequency of our thoughts. Positive and loving thoughts produce higher frequencies while negative and fearful thoughts produce lower frequencies.

Our struggles emotionally and physically occur when we are in a negative space and the energies of the universe pouring onto our planet is of a much higher frequency.This will also occur if we are battling inside to  maintain thoughts and attitude of a higher frequency and seem to be harboring negative thoughts. I can share one of my own personal experience that demonstrates this quite clearly. As a rule I make the choice of being in a positive state of mind. However a few days ago I experienced a time of great fear and hopelessness in regards to a particular area in my life. My thoughts were in a dark place. I had also experienced a very positive workshop that very morning.  With the negative thoughts I was allowing in my mind and the positive experience of that morning, I was in total conflict. My soul and my ego were struggling for control and my emotional state deteriorated. I realize now a few days later that this event was a huge teacher for me.  I now know what was going on and what I would do in the future with this.

2. Every part of our body must be free of emotional blocks. I was allowing emotional blocks to stop the higher frequency energies to flow through and so I was in emotional turmoil. I also felt physically exhausted.Our body does not lie. I did actually feel all this in my heart center,and my head felt heavy.


Here are a few tools to help clear stuck energy.

Breathe.This is the one tool that is always with us. Deep and Slow deliberate breathes can move energy.

Movement. Yoga, Tai Chi, any type of movement. Google 7 minutes of magic by Lee Holden. This is a Qi Gong and is a fabulous exercise. It restores you in 7 minutes.

Talk to your body with compassion.  When we are negative about our body, we lower it’s vibration. Love you body no matter what.

Hydration.  Since our body is mostly water, staying hydrated raises the frequency of the body.

Keep posted for the continuation of more Good News as to how to nurture yourself in times of stress in my next blog.


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