What is raising vibration and consciousness??

Referring to the last blog, I would like to give a brief explanation of what raising our vibrations and or consciousness means. Simply put, vibration is the movement of energy that composes all that is. Raising our vibration means increasing the speed of that movement. EVERYTHING IS ENERGY! from the chair you sit on to the thoughts in your head. Energy has a frequency. Lower frequencies are negative. Higher, lighter frequencies are what we see as positive. The simple message here is that the Earth because of the evolutionary process is moving into a higher frequency and us as the human race must evolve with that process if we are going to survive. Out thoughts of Love and Gratitude is a powerful way to begin shifting our own vibration and therefore affect the destiny of the world one thought or action at a time. By the law of attraction we attract to us the vibration/frequency of our thoughts and our words. I recommend a very informative booklet to expound on this called Raise your verbal vibration by Caroline A.Shearer.

Now I will continue the blog by giving you the next steps to assist you in the process of raising your own vibration to match the vibration of the planet earth at this time of transition and expansion.

Nutrition. Everything we eat has a vibration. Junk food of course has a lower denser vibration. Raw natural food has a higher vibration.

Master your thoughts. Change your thoughts, change your vibration. Love and Gratitude no matter what hold the highest possible vibration.

hearts on the beach

Love and Gratitude is the answer;No matter what the question is!!

Speak your Truth. This can be done with love and compassion.The problem with not being in your truth on an ongoing manner is that often times accumulated frustrations  can sometimes lead to unconscious blurting out, This causes unnecessary pain for the receiver. Be in your truth as you go.I just had an experience with that and found that I had to do a lot of self forgiveness and loving to console my very special friend. I do not plan on repeating this manner of communication.

Release Emotional Blocks. Forgiveness, compassion and understanding are some of the most effective ways to release your emotional blocks. If you struggle with that,you would benefit by receiving Reiki or any of the healing modalities. Book a time with  me who does this type of work. Any  Healing energy facilitator would be helpful. Remember that this healing work can be done long distance.

Addictions. Addictions are signs of emotional blocks. See someone to assist you in determining the emotion behind the addiction.

Turn off electronic devices. TV, internet etc. Be mindful of the amount of time you spend with electromagnetic devices.

Nature. Spend time connecting with Mother Earth, the trees, flowers, water etc.

Honor your body. Always love your body no matter what you illness you might be experiencing. Send it love!! Know what influences your body’s vibration and keep it positive. See your body as the temple for the expression of spiritual energy in a physical form. This will raise its vibration. You are a Spiritual Being having a Physical Experience.

Excerpts taken from Wake up World/Nanice Ellis and from Claudette Chartrand.