Expelling the Venom

Recently we have lost one of our beloved  family pet. We were all emotionally affected especially my daughter and grandchildren. I realized that I was picking up their sorrow and discovered that I needed to let go because this was causing me a lot of suffering and inadvertently I was not helping them. Going back to the Access Consciousness tool of SENDING IT BACK ,I became aware that if we pick up each other’s sadness and grief we only serve to make it that much bigger energetically. So when they in turn pick up our sadness and grief it just grows exponentially. We must realize that we do this picking up other’s emotions quite unconsciously. It just happens. I wanted to help my family to deal with this time of sorrow in a positive way. So I began to Send it Back………this kept the size of the emotions at a minimum.

I also used this tool of EXPANDING OUT!   I honored my own feelings, and as I visualized myself expandig out, with a deep breath, kept expanding out…..I chose to release the emotions. After that whatever my family was feeling would not be exaggerated when they picked up on mine.This way they would be feeling their feelings , not mine. I realize that we can only do our part in all of this.  I cannot control what my daughter picks up from her husband and children etc. That is why I post this so that hopefully I can teach others about this very important tool. Please refer to the block Return to Sender if this is not clear to you.

The other tool that I used was what Donna Eden calls Expelling the venom. I did this also to make sure that I was not holding on to anything that was blocking and burdening my spirit. This is how it goes. Look at both your hands as you make a fist; fingers looking at you. Circle your arms around and place them way above your head. With your fists towards you,  take a deep breath…open your hands and rush your arms in front of you as emphatically release your breath with a ‘Whoosh’ sound. Repeat several times. See he video for more clarity.

Hoping that you will experiment with these wonderful tools to Free your Spirit, your heart and soul from unnecessary suffering.


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