Getting Unblocked

Have you ever awakened with the overwhelming feeling of wanting to pull the covers over your head and just staying in bed? I have!  I am sure that there are days like that for all of us.

Here are some tools that I have mentioned in other blogs that will get you unstuck very quickly. It is a matter of being Aware,and Conscious of the fact that there is a way out of this.  Use the tools!! Use them over and over so that it becomes an automatic response to all areas of your life where you feel that blocked, stuck feeling.

For me the other day it was using a few tools.Getting Unblocked

1. Who does this belong to? I was probably picking up the feeling of many people in the world that just didn’t want to get up that morning. That is how energy works. We already talked about Returning to Sender! and so……….Return to Sender! I always send back with compassion and love attached to it, and let the Universe do the rest.

2.Another powerful freeing question is; Where am I refusing to see myself as Empowered and completely Capable of Blasting this out?

Always remember to stay Out of Your Mind! Don’t try to figure out the answer. The Universe will take care of that.

Have fun; and remember Practice, Practice, Practice  Getting Unblocked.


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