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Unfulfilled Emotional Needs

Most of us are still wanting  parents or siblings for the fulfillment of emotional needs, well past the expiration date. When we look for acceptance, appreciation from them we set yourself up for disappointment. To stay awake, it is imperative that we start fulfilling our own emotional needs so that we no longer need others to do it for us.


Release our dad, our mom or whoever else we have been depending on to fulfill our needs. We choose to take responsibility for ourselves.Just go over to them and give them a big hug.  You will be taking a step towards taking care of you and accepting them unconditionally. Hugs were invented so we can tell someone we love them without saying anything.

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Tip from Wake up World: Let them off the Hook!

What would happen if you let those you love off the hook?

If we are honest with ourselves, we will admit that we all know what hooks our family members into reaction.  We know what their buttons are and how to press them. But really where does that get us? If we are really awake, we know that it gets us nowhere.

Activating wounds of others might give us a momentary sense of power or revenge but really it keeps us stuck in old habits. When we are awake we don’t need reactions from others. This holiday season, try it and discover what happens when you let the ones you love and care about OFF THE HOOK!

"He who does not have Christmas in his heart will not find it under the tree." Roy L. Smith

“He who does not have Christmas in his heart will not find it under the tree.” Roy L. Smith

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Do you experience Stress with relationships during the Holidays?

Yes, we are waking up, however we are all doing it at a different pace. This can be particularly challenging during the Holidays. When we see ourselves as awakened or in the awakening process it is difficult to deal with family, siblings, any relationship that you see as still asleep. We will benefit from learning how to deal with any situation and remain awake and conscious.



Unfortunately we all have triggers/hooks. These are emotional reactions that pull us back into old patterns of behaviour, causing us to fall back asleep and forget who we are. If you can identify your hook, you can consciously choose to stay far away from these topics,or choose to not be hooked.

Breathe, Breathe, Breathe!!! leave the scene, do whatever you need to stay off the hook.

Stay tuned this holiday season for more tips on how to heal your relationships!

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Waves of healing

In this video I share the modalities that I use as  a Healing Facilitator. I invite you to take a few minutes to watch. Let me know what you think in the comments.  Thank you, Claudette

Thanks to Virginia for creating this video to help me promote my healing practice.  Check out her webpage at

Today’s Heavy Snowfall

I mentioned that Access Consciousness is the modality that stresses this. We benefit from experiencing life without judgement. When we choose to do that, we choose Serenity vs. Frustration, Peace vs. Turmoil. and much more Energy/Life force. I always say that we need to honor our feelings. When we first look out and the snow is up to our knees and we wonder if we can even get to work: yes of course it is healthy to make space for that moment of panic or frustration. Don’t stay there too long because if you do it will overpower you and rob you of your Peace.  To choose to live in the Now, deal with whatever you next step is, will make space in your mind to Respond, rather than React . This is the way to use your mind constructively to deal with the issue at hand….The Snow!!!!!

Stay Grateful…the Universe will always give you opportunities to Practice, Practice, Practice!! Claudette

Being A Light

Light My Way by Richard Franco

Light My Way by Richard Franco

The significance of a Lighthouse for me is that it represents the light that is in all of us.  The life Force, the Chi the Buddha nature or the Christ within.  We have a choice on a daily basis to be that light for ourselves but also for someone else;to be that support system, the listener, the one who goes the extra miles to help someone as he/she struggles with conflicts, obstacles, along their path.  I remember one of my friends just sitting beside me and listening to what sadness I was experiencing; She was the Light that lite my path to be able to see where my next step would take me.We don’t have to be counselors  or do Healing work. All we need is to have an open heart, and to ” Choose!”; then we are that Light.

Heaven Rushes In

Heaven Rushes in by Claudette Chartrand


I would like to share this wondrous picture that I took a few days ago. I was doing the Energy Medicine posture by Donna Eden called  ” Heaven Rushes In “. With my arms outstretched to the Heaven I was deep into my meditative state. I opened my eyes and there before me was this Cloud and Sun formation. I was quite in awe and hurried to get my ipad to capture the moment.  I stood staring for a short time. Suddenly the clouds moved and covered most of the sun. The vista had disappeared!!!

This experience spoke loudly to me. I realized more fully the meaning of  the old adage “Seize the Day”!!! ….. Live in the Now Moment!!!

With the Healing Energy that I facilitate, I encourage/ teach/educate everyone I see the many tools to Live in the moment.

Carpe Diem, with Love and Gratitude,Claudette

Healing in the heart of Muskoka

Mindfulness… Breath… Gratitude…

These are the fundamental practices for cultivating and maintaining health. Incorporating these concepts with modalities, such as Reiki, Acupressure, Access Consciousness, Massage and others, my goal is to empower you to be who you are. I encourage my clients to be active participants in their own healing. The act of being involved in this process is how  life conditions improve.