Step 2.Heal Your Judgment Of Others

judgment of others
How are you judging others?. If it is someone you love or someone who has caused you harm; Be it a friend, a spouse a child, co-worker or even someone in your past. Also do not confuse caring with judging. No matter what, you have no right to judge. One way to start the process is to journal and make a list of all the ways you are judging the other and one by one Let them go. If you look within to see how you are judging yourself in a similar way, you can then release those judgments also. Releasing and Letting Go happens when you make a conscious choice to do so. You may repeat it several times, now and whenever the judgmental thought comes back to mind. It is a process  that you must keep practicing until you are free of judgement. However you are making a huge shift for yourself as soon as you begin this process.

No matter how well you know and you think you have the answers for another, you do not know what is best for him or her.

If you do want to help,you can support, listen and encourage them to ask their own questions so they can make empowered choices. With some insight you may be able to  offer a question that will allow them to find their own clarity.

If you are asked, you may give useful advise as long as it does not come from judgment. Judgment causes alienation and with that you cannot make a difference.

Stay in integrity with your own beliefs, and model this behavior. Preaching and meddling will result in your message having no impact at all.

This is directed to adult relationships, but children react negatively to judgment and positively to encouragement. If you want to be an empowered parent, you can effectively guide a child or adolescent without the punitive force of judgment.


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