Three steps toHealing any Relationship

     Do you have a Relationship you would like to heal?

The best part about the three step process is that we do it on your own. We do not need the other person even know what we are doing.

Contrary to what we all believe, relationship issues occur because one or the other or both are in judgment. It is not because we disagree on certain issues. Issues occur because we are Judgement of ourselves the other or both.Without judgement relationship thrive and they heal.

When we feel judged in any way or for any reason big or little it causes feelings of rejection and so we shut down, distance ourselves and or judge back to protect ourselves.

When we are the one who is judging, we are pushing the other away, no matter if we feel justified or that we know better. This is he best way to alienate a friend, a lover, partner, child or sibling or anyone at all, and to keep ourselves unhappy and miserable no matter who it is we are judging.bandaid for the heart

     Releasing our judgment for another will not only Heal the relationship  with them ,it will also heal the relationship with our own self, our soul and our spirit . It will set us free to be who we truly are. If this person is not someone that we want to spend time with or do not want as a friend, we are still freeing ourselves by using this process. Holding judgement is NEVER in our best interest no matter what the situation.

Follow the next blogs for the Three Step process to have the power to Heal any Relationship.


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