Step 1. To heal any relationship We need to Heal our own Self-Judgment

46dac6e3cb907c50c34230cbac5a5f94Our world is a reflection of our own conscious and subconscious beliefs.  Therefore it is a logical deduction that if we are judging someone else, it means that we are judging ourselves. If we  Look outwardly to see how this person is judging us, and inwardly to then see how we are judging ourselves in a similar way. We must take time to see the connection even if it is not exactly the same judgment. When we see clearly the identification,we must choose, consciously to Let it Go. Expand ourselves as we spoke of in previous blogs. See ourselves as our Best, Higher selves, as big as the Universe, embrace what we feel about our own judgment. Don’t push it away. Feel it and Release it to the Universe for healing, transmutation……..Let it Go!!!!

This is a personal journey…….you can share it but it is your choice to or not. It is quite magical how we will see changes in our world. Changes in the behavior of the other we were struggling with. Others reflect to us what we hold inside. If we see that the other is still judging us, we must go back inside and clear the remaining of our own self judgment.

Step 2…will be in the next blog.

This info is from Nanice Ellis and from my own research in human relationships.


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