Why is Not a Question

I have written a few blogs on asking the Universe/God/ your Higher self Questions. The message loud and clear is ask and do Not go into your head to figure out the answer. Just go about your business and your answers will come to you. This type of question will open up the energy for more information, and give you more awareness of what you already know.

Asking WHY this and WHY that  actually closes  up the energy for more information and awareness to come in. This is because is it a Feel yourself to free yourself question coming from judgement and dissatisfaction.  These will keep you stuck going nowhere.

How about bypassing the why and ask  What do I need to do to change this?

Check in to see if that makes you FEEL LIGHT or HEAVYChances are you will feel LIGHT. 

Go about your day and see what guidance will come your way.


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