The last 3 tips from Wake up World on Healing Relationships

Practice Appreciation 

It is easier to focus on whatever annoys us about searchothers. However there are just as many things to appreciate about them. Our focus determines the outcome of all interactions. Asleep, we focus on the wrong; in the Awakened state, appreciation is our inner guide.

You are amazing Just the way  you are!

Allow others to be who they are

We don’t need to accept others as they are, but we benefit from allowing them to be. It is like allowing the sun to rise and shine. Even if we wanted to stop it we could not. This clears the energy between both of you and both are brought to a higher consciousness.

I challenge you to experiment. Whoever in your world is most challenging and you would really love for them to change; do this instead. Choose to love that person exactly how he or she is.Make a commitment to yourself to unconditionally love that person without needing or wanting to change them. Her behavior is no longer your business.Watch the Magic happen!! You will let that person off the hook and you will awakened further and harmony in your world will follow.

Invite others up

It is our human tendency to meet people “where they are”. If they are angry or upset, we match their energy.what would happen if we made a conscious choice to maintain  a high energy no matter what? Rise above the disharmony until we reach a state of love, peace, and appreciation, and commit to that!

When others show up in lower states, what if we did not go down to meet them by reacting, judging or trying to change them. Invite the up! If they do not come up, that’s O.K. but they will not be able to stay in our presence for long. Either way, we will empower ourselves and stay  in integrity with who we really are. Eventually we will reach an energetic threshold where the people in our world will come up to match our high vibration.This is the manifestation of living in the wakened state and it is our greatest gift to those we love.

Be Awake, Stay Awake and Invite the world up to celebrate with us!

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