3 Holiday tips from Wake Up World

Own Your Reactions

When we negatively react to a family member we immediately go back to sleep. We lower our vibration and vibrate at the level of the one we are judging.Usually we react because we are resisting that same issue in ourselves. Recognizing that presents an opportunity for self healing.

Release Expectations

When we have hidden expectations of another, we create conflict.Often these are childhood based. We are no longer children,and so we do not want these expectations to run us. Releasing these is setting yourself free from your own self made prison.

Let Go of Responsibility


Free yourself from you own self made prison!!

We feel that we are responsible somehow for others.This distorts the balance in the relationship. If you release your sense of responsibility for others, particularly your family members, you will shift and transform the family dynamics that are troubling you.

Visit Wake Up World to read full article by Nanice Ellis


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