Do you experience Stress with relationships during the Holidays?

Yes, we are waking up, however we are all doing it at a different pace. This can be particularly challenging during the Holidays. When we see ourselves as awakened or in the awakening process it is difficult to deal with family, siblings, any relationship that you see as still asleep. We will benefit from learning how to deal with any situation and remain awake and conscious.



Unfortunately we all have triggers/hooks. These are emotional reactions that pull us back into old patterns of behaviour, causing us to fall back asleep and forget who we are. If you can identify your hook, you can consciously choose to stay far away from these topics,or choose to not be hooked.

Breathe, Breathe, Breathe!!! leave the scene, do whatever you need to stay off the hook.

Stay tuned this holiday season for more tips on how to heal your relationships!

Visit Wake Up World to read full article by Nanice Ellis


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