Heaven Rushes In

Heaven Rushes in by Claudette Chartrand


I would like to share this wondrous picture that I took a few days ago. I was doing the Energy Medicine posture by Donna Eden called  ” Heaven Rushes In “. With my arms outstretched to the Heaven I was deep into my meditative state. I opened my eyes and there before me was this Cloud and Sun formation. I was quite in awe and hurried to get my ipad to capture the moment.  I stood staring for a short time. Suddenly the clouds moved and covered most of the sun. The vista had disappeared!!!

This experience spoke loudly to me. I realized more fully the meaning of  the old adage “Seize the Day”!!! ….. Live in the Now Moment!!!

With the Healing Energy that I facilitate, I encourage/ teach/educate everyone I see the many tools to Live in the moment.

Carpe Diem, with Love and Gratitude,Claudette


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